At Kouxan Natural Health our team of highly qualified therapists are dedicated to providing you the very best in Natural Healthcare. Offering you solutions to health problems naturally. Natural health can only be achieved through a balanced approach taking into account the physical, chemical and emotional needs of your body.

Natural Health leads to higher vitality, activates self-esteem and protects our planet.

Kouxan Natural Health core values are:

  • Recycle
  • Protect Our Planet
  • Strengthen Our Community

So Indulge, Inspire, Recover and Heal with a Treatment Tailored to Your Individual Requirements!

Kouxan Natural Health donates to Greenpeace, WSPA and Oxfam, every time you make a purchase from our exclusive range of products.

The donations go towards:

- Buying goats, cows, pigs that allow poor farmers to provide a future for thmselves and their families.

- Supporting “Granny Power” a group of Aboriginal women who gives support and advice to young women and their families.

- Supporting the “End Of All Whaling”. We donated to the end of Humpback Whaling last year in the southern ocean, new donations are donated to the “End Of All whaling”.

Additional Information

A range of treatments are available to help meet your needs. You can choose from Chiropractic, NST, Acupuncture, Reiki, Beauty Therapy, Massage; Pregnancy, Reflexology, Relaxation, Remedial, Sports, Swedish and Trigger Point therapies, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone Therapy.

Our therapists will check with you in regard to the massage pressure and ask for your guidance at all times to ensure that they are working within your comfort zone.

We have many services, packages and specials to help you find the perfect treatment.

Gift Vouchers are also available so that you can share the experience with a friend.

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